Formule1 Deutsch Autosport connectors are built to withstand the harshest conditions found in the motorsport arena. Its products are supported by dedicated technicians and engineers with the total backup expected from a company like Deutsch.

Having pioneered the AS and AS Micro Series in 1993 - which radically changed the face of autosport connection technology - Deutsch has gone on to refine processes and provide a wide range of options across the whole spectrum of the industry s requirements. Deutsch has also invested in stock so the standard product range is readily available, developed excellent international distribution partnerships and has flexible, rapid assembly techniques.

Today Deutsch s autosport connectors are specified across the entire autosport industry from Formula 1, A1 INDY and Champ car and world rally teams to NASCAR, Motor GP and Superbikes.




Catalog of AS connectors for Motorsport



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