Deutsch connectors service kits




Service kit for develop engineers

This kit is designed to help develop engineers to find the best solution at the time they are looking for it.

The box contain selection of connectors + tools according to specific need they have. Please consult our field engineers to help you to choose the best selection of the components.



Compact field repair set

Small compact box with all tools and connectors necessary to do field repair work.

The kit contains assorted selection of DEUTSCH DT plugs and recepltacles together with the wedges, contacts and sealing plugs. This kind of proffesional field kits contains solid contacts (not stamped and formed contacts cutted out of strip!).

EIMG_6189_300bssential for this kis is selection of the necessary tools:

- DT-RT 1 removal tool
- HDT-48-00 professional crimping tool
- pincers
- tweezers

Consult contain with your sales engineer.



DEUTSCH Spareparts service kit

Rugged metal box with the selection of seals, wedges, contacts and sealing plugs as well as the tools necessary to do field repair of the connection.

The kit can contain solid contacts and/or stamped & formed contacts. Selection of spareparts, plugs and receptacles is made according to customer need.

Please consult with your field engineer.



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