ServoInterconnect_logoDEUTSCH Announces Strategic Acquisition

NEW YORK, January 31, 2008

Deutsch, a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors for the Industrial Vehicles, Mil Aero, Transportation and Oil & Gas markets, announced today that it has acquired the shares of SERVO Interconnect Limited from SERVO and Electronic Sales Limited.

Deutsch UK and Servo have worked together over the past 15 years and in January 2005 became a partner in the creation of Servo Interconnect Ltd. In 2007, SERVO Interconnect Limited achieved annual sales of approximately $10M.

Servo Interconnect and Deutsch UK look forward to a prosperous future combining the strengths of the two organizations. The resources of both companies will be used in the best interests of our customers; under the direction of Trevor Jenkins at Servo Interconnect and David Watters at Deutsch UK, we expect to see further steady growth supplying essential components to the motor racing industry.

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