A4ControlDisplayOpus A4 Control Display Adopts CoDeSys

Disel Progress Online, May 28, 2009


The Opus A4 control and display console by Wachendorff has adopted CoDeSys programming system.

The new version will allow users to profit from the plug-n-play characteristics of the Opus Series consoles, while offering a more sophisticated programming capability and a more powerful project development solution, Wachendorff said. 

The CoDeSys package includes the Opus A4 control console with video feature and a color camera with cable, a complete development kit including CAN and power supply cables, Wachendorff’s Peak interface for easier downloading of new projects, and Pcan View and CoDeSys software.

Wachendorff offers the CoDeSys development kit including all tools, libraries, examples, documentation, licence and USB CAN connecting cables.

The CoDeSys is first offered with the established Opus A4 model but will be soon extended to the brand new A3 console.


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