electronica 2008 Trade Fair

Let us invite you to world's leading technical trade fair


Compagnie Deutsch G. m. b. H Company introduces Deutsch products in the pavilion B4, the stall No. 624.

The Imcon Company Ltd. deals with electrical connector distribution of Compagnie Deutsch GmbH Company within the Central and Eastern Europe. These connectors are used for new constructions of automotive trucks, buses, agricultural engineering, civil engineering, handling engineering and motor control units. Special CAN bus connectors. Connectors for motors and accessories Cummins, Perkins, Caterpillar etc. Special connectors for AS autosport industry (races F1, Rallye, A1).

The Electronica 2008 fair trade is divided into professional branches:
Components: Semiconductors – Passives - Controllers and relays, keyboards - Electromechanical components and connecting technologies – Sensor technology solutions and microsystems – Electronics and case protecting – Printed circuits, printed circuit boards, stepped controllers, EMS - System components
Systems: Embedded systems – Electronic design – Displays – MicroNanoWorld – Systems of communications – Sensory control – Current suply – Testing and measuring
Applications and technologies: Industrial electronics – Automotive field – Electronics by railway – Telecommunications, cables – Wireless – Electronics for commodities – Electronics for offices and backup – Biomedical engineering – Aerospace and defence engineering – Informatics, services

For further information go to the official fair trade webside: http://www.electronica.de/

The headmaster of representation for Eastern Europe Jan Kirchner will devote his time to you during the first day of exhibition on Tuesday 11 November 2008, eventually 12 November. You can book the time for your visit in advance, e-mail to info@deutsch.cz

Brno,  October 2008

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