Deutsch Ltd. connects to time savings, reduced errors with SolidWorks and PDMWorks

CONCORD , Mass. , June 27, 2005

U.K.-based Deutsch Ltd. is using SolidWorks® 3D mechanical design and PDMWorks® product data management software to streamline development of its electrical and fibre-optic connectors used in harsh environments, including race cars, fighter jets, and high-performance luxury yachts. Together, SolidWorks and PDMWorks support Deutsch's new lean manufacturing initiative aimed at reducing costs, design time, and production errors.

Deutsch Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Deutsch group of companies that manufacture a range of interconnect solutions for harsh environments. Deutsch Ltd.'s products connect to instruments that help NASCAR drivers log track data and pilots fly supersonic aircraft. The company deployed SolidWorks software in 2001 to transition from 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D models that are easier to create, visualize, modify, and finalize for prototyping and manufacturing. Its sister company's successes with SolidWorks also influenced Deutsch Ltd.'s decision.

The company is now expanding its use of PDMWorks to store all engineering data, including original customer draft designs and updated military standards the company must meet to secure defense contracts. Having this information in one secure, central repository will save time locating vital data, while reducing space for hardcopy data storage and retrieval costs and ensuring version control of all product designs. Deutsch's production personnel can access the latest revision documentation and 3D model views via the PDMWorks advanced server Web portal to enhance their product understanding and eliminate time spent requesting paper copies.

“SolidWorks made it easy for all of our engineers to get their hands on 3D modeling,” said Gary Bannister, one of Deutsch's chief design engineers. “PDMWorks allowed us to remove design data from engineers' individual desktops and place it in a secure vault that team members can easily access. This eliminates the errors that multiple versions create. As we add more data to PDMWorks, engineers will be able to access all of the design information they'll need to quickly complete projects, greatly increasing productivity and meeting deadlines.”

SolidWorks' ease of use and intuitive interface allow Deutsch Ltd. to quickly respond to customer-specific requirements by customizing electrical connector designs from different product families. The software allows engineers to automate changes throughout a design, saving time and minimizing errors by eliminating the need to recreate 3D models from scratch.

PDMWorks lets the Deutsch engineering team work on the same connector project at the same time while providing an audit trail that shows what each engineer has done. Deutsch plans to have all updated military connector specifications stored in PDMWorks by the end of this year. Engineers will then be able to find the necessary guidelines rather than spending hours hunting for them in file cabinets, on the Web or on another engineer's PC.

“Lean manufacturing seeks to eliminate waste throughout product development,” said Neil McArthur, regional director for the U.K. and Ireland at SolidWorks. “With SolidWorks and PDMWorks, Deutsch Ltd. accelerates product design, reduces errors, and saves time to achieve its lean manufacturing goals and more effectively compete in an aggressive industry.”

Deutsch Ltd. relies on SolidWorks reseller NT CADCAM for ongoing software training, implementation, and support.

About Deutsch

Based in St. Leonards on Sea , U.K. , Deutsch Ltd. is part of the Deutsch group of companies. Deutsch Ltd. has been manufacturing electrical connectors for more than 30 years in the military, aerospace, autosport, and marine markets. The company specializes in providing electrical and fiber-optic interconnection solutions for harsh environments , including everything from Formula 1 racing cars to military aircraft. For more information, visit the company's Web site at


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