Change in HD/HDP connector marking

Martinsried, April 2008

Application of white ink marking on grommet seal for cavity identification was ultimately stopped by the DEUTSCH IPD. The white ink marking was replaced by laser cavity marking as a change to the entire HD/HDP-connector series. This change in design was performed within the scope of technical progress.

White ink cavity marking was found to fade during aging process. Laser marking was found durable for the whole life time of the connector.

It is inherent to the application procedure of laser marking on silicone rubber that identification letters appear to be difficult to read due to missing difference in terms of color, but a difference in level. Therefore the legibility of the recessed letters is dependant on the lightning conditions.

Cast shadow will occur in case of lateral light exposure contrary to frontal light exposure. This cast shadow will provide a satisfactory legibility. Please see the pictures for clarification. In case of connector being fitted with adaptor the use of powerful spotlight will create improved legibility.


New Laser marking

OK - Lateral Light


Old white ink marking


WRONG - Diffused light


WRONG - Frontal light

As there is no call out for the use of white ink marking on the drawing, no quality deviation to the product’s specification is being determined.

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