SM Connector System

according to DIN 72585 / ISO 15170


The 4- and 7- way connector system according to DIN 72585 / ISO 15170 meets the highest demands in terms of quality in every aspect and completely complies with the stipulations of the European Ordinance on Hazardous Substances as well as international environmental regulations. Excellent electrical properties and the highest level of process safety are ensured even under extreme conditions in the smallest of spaces.

The small but significant difference

The differentiation towards other products: after comprehensive analysis of the market requirements, all components have been developed in detail, designed and tested using 3D software for the best possible performance. An optimized system has been created featuring the smallest footprint, the lowest weight and a multitude of technical improvements, through continuous cooperation between development, design and tool making. This connector system excels with complete compatibility with the products of other manufacturers, providing the customers with maximum flexibility, reliability and functionality!



 The advantages of SM Connector Systems at a glance

• Optimized handling
• Reduced weight
• Shorter design
• Improved functionality
• Best contact system (Diabolo)
• Optimized flexibility
• Real secondary lock / safety lock
• Complete compatibility with  other manufacturers’ products


Special features of the connector:

  • Secondary or safety lock for 4-way version (pin and socket)      
  • Single-wire seal for 4- and 7-way versions in the same size
  • Receptacle with three designs      
  • Effective positioning of the coupling ring and detection of mounting position/neutral position




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