HDP20_pdfHDP - 20 Plastic

Designed specifically for the truck, bus and off-highway industry, the HDP 20 Series is a heavy duty rated environmentally sealed, composite shell, multi-pin connector. The plug features a quick connect-disconnect bayonet style coupling and the receptacle is designed for single hole mounting. Thus reducing assembly line time and installation costs.


Deutsch HD/HDP Series environmental connectors offer the advantages of decreased costs and upgraded performance. Designed to withstand years of abuse, the Deutsch HD/HDP Series is setting the pace in the Heavy Equipment Industry. Key features common to the HD/HDP Series are itemized below.


  • Solid copper alloy construction withstands continuous current overload without degradation
    Cost effective stamped and formed contacts provide high reliability and low cost
  • Range of contact and acceptable wire sizes
    • Size #4 AWG 6 (13.0 mm2)
    • Size #8 AWG 8 & 10 (8.0-5.0 mm2)
    • Size #12 AWG 12 & 14 (3.0-2.0 mm2)
    • Size #16 AWG 14 & 18 (0.5-2.0 mm2)
    • Size #20 AWG 20 & 24 (0.5-0.2 mm2)
  • Closed entry socket contact design assures positive conductivity and eliminates probe damage
  • Simplified pin contact design limits possibility of bending


  • The hard plastic insert and closed contact interface captivate the contacts to prevent "float" and "splay"
  • Positive contact retention is provided through the used of plastic locking fingers which snap closed behind the shoulder of contact
  • Interfaces
    • Lead-ins on socket interface properly align bent pins
    • Hard plastic prevents pins from penetrating dielectric material
  • Available in several insert arrangements*
    • Four in shell size 18 metal shells (HD30) only
    • Twelve in shell size 24 (HD30 or HDP20)
  • Redundant wire seals prevent contamination from entering from rear of connector
  • Sealing plug to fill unused cavities to keep environmental sealing characteristics intact


  • Rugged, all metal shell to withstand years of abuse (HD30), Corrosion resistant all plastic shell (HDP20 Series) has same features (item C)
  • Positive shell keying prevents mismating
  • Simple, one quarter turn coupling
    • Free rotating, captivated coupling ring for fast assembly
    • Coupling ring designed to insure proper environmental sealing with minimum mating forces
    • Audio and visual indications of positive locked condition
  • Available in a straight plug and single hole mounting receptacle for easy installation to structure

Application tooling

  • Standard crimp tool or semi-automated, high-speed crimping tool is available
    • Fast, reliable, uniform results
    • Simplified procedures mean that only average skill is required for assembly
    • No soldering heat means:
      • No chance of heat damage to parts
      • No wicking to contribute to vibration failure
  • Inexpensive plastic removal tool designed to eliminate hidden internal insert damage
    • Removal tool designed to break rather than injure connector
    • Dielectric tool construction prevents shocks to personnel

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