A heavy duty, environmentally sealed, multi-pin circular connector, featuring quick connect-disconnect bayonet coupling, single hole bulkhead mounting, silicone seals, with a rear insertion/rear removal contact system.

This general purpose manual provides technical information on the Deutsch HD Series connector, developed to meet the needs of the heavy duty equipment and transportation industries for rugged, multi pin, sealed connector systems. Here you will find an information about the design features of the HD Series, part numbers, plugs, receptacles, contacts, accessories and insert configuration.



Recent studies indicate that electrical system failures are a common and constant source of equipment malfunction. A major area of electrical system failure is in electrical interconnections. Typical problems include loose and miswired terminals, corrosion and contamination of terminals. Coupled with these problems, the impact of sophisticated safety devices, automated check-out systems and other increased use of electronics, calls for re-examination of traditional termination techniques. To the operator, termination failures mean excessive down time and maintenance costs. This adds up to slipped production schedules, cost over runs and user problems. The end result: decreased profits and a loss of share of the market. In today, s competitive arena, improved electrical connectors can make the difference between a growing, profitable operation or a losing one.



The Deutsch HD Series was developed to provide asolution to today, s systems problems found in the heavy duty trucking, equipment and transportation industries. The DH is a cylindrical, multi-pin, sealed device utilizing crimp type that are quickly and easily inserted or removed. Use of the HD Series eliminates several other common connector problems.

Problems associated with assembly and rework time , operational breakdowns requiring costly repairs and lengthy out of service time in the field have all been reduced or eleminated by the judicious application of the HD Series.


  • Quick, fool-proof assembly, decreasing time on the assembly line and eliminating miswiring.
  • Simple and easy to rework, decreasing down time and encreasing profits to the operator.
  • Sealed against moisture and contaminants, eliminating open wiring systém.
  • Operation under severe shock and vibration, reducing break down and out of commision loss due to rugged operating conditions.
  • Performance over a wide temperature range (-550 C to +1250 C) meaning continuous operation in all envivonments, from arctic to desert conditions.
  • Human factors engineered to assure that asembly and rework can be reliably handled by unskilled personnel.


Unlike terminal strips, binding posts and other open-wiring systems, the Deutsch HD Series is a completely sealed unit. The rear of the connector features an integral grommet wire seal that automatically seals each contact as it is locked into place during installation. There is no extra hardware to fasten or tighten or potting operation to achieve this seal. To further seal this connector, a silicone rubbed blanket is located on the face of the connector to prevent moisture and other contaminants from reaching the contacts.

Fabricated from tear resistant, high temperature silicone, this grommet protects the contacts from moisture, sand, dust, lubricating oils, road salt, hydraulic fluid, grease, mud and other contaminants encountered in heavy duty use. The elimination of open wiring systems does away with such common hazards as short circuits due to metalic objects across the terminals. This is especially important during loading or refueling operations when a spark could cause a serious explosion. Closed wiring also protects maintenance personnel against accidental shock, yet can be easilly checked for circuit continuity.


The HD Series uses crimp type, solid copper alloy contacts for damage proof performance, and the ability to carry continuous high operating current loads without overheating. The contacts or terminals are crimp terminated using automating tooling for production and expensive readily available hand tools for field maintenanance. After crimping, these contacts are easily installled by simply pushing the contact into place by hand. Contacts are positively secured by use of "fingers" in the connector which lock behind the shoulder of the contact, preventing accidental dislodging. Although securely locked in place, these contacts can be quickly and easily removed by the use of an inexpensive, non-conductive removal tool.


Deutsch HD Series features a lightweight, yet compact and rugged shell to protect contacts and sealing grommets. This shell provides a multiple keying system that positively prevents mismating and makes plug and receptacle coupling quick and easy.

The HD Series uses a bayonet coupling system that provides a positive vibration resistant locking mechanism with visual indication of proper mate and lock. This quick disconnect system requires only a quarter turn to operate.

Easy installation to structure is provided by a single one-hole mounting system using a "flat" to prevent the connector from rotating during assembly or service.

Technical characteristics:

Operating Temperature: -55 0C ÷ +125 0C .
Contact Current Rating: From 7.5 amps to 1000 amps.
Contacts: A: solid copper alloy construction withstands short term current overload without degradation.B:C: Closed entry socket contact design essures positive conductivity and eliminates probe damage. D: Simplified pin contact design limits possibility of bending.
Inserts: A: The hard plastic insert and closed contact interface captivate the contacts to prevent "float" and "splay". B: Positive contact retention is provided through the use of plastic locking fingers which snap closed behind the shoulder of the contact C: Interfaces: 1: Lead.ins onsocket interface properly elign bent pins 2: Hard plastic prevents pins from penetrating dielectric material. D: Available in several insert arrangements : 1: Four in shell size 18. 2: Ten in shell size 24. E: Redundand double wire seals prevent contamination from entering form rear of connector. F: Sealing plug to fill unused cavities to keep environmental sealing characteristic intact.
Physical Shock: No unlocking, unmating or other unsatisfactory result during or after 50 g, s in each of three mutually perpedicular planes. No electrical discontinuites longer than 1 microsecond. MIL- STD 202, Method 213, Condition "C".
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: Current leakage less than 2 milliamps at 1 500 VAC.
Insulation Resistance: 1000 megaohms min. at 250 C.
Corrosion Resistance: Connectors show no evidence of corrosion after exposure to 48 hours of salt spray per MIL-STD1344 method 1001.
Fluid Resistance: Connectors show no damage when exposed to most fluids used in industrial applications.
Durability: No electrical or mechanical defects after 100 cycles of engagement or disengagement.
Vibration: Maintains continuity and exhibits no mechanical or physical damage during or while subject to a sunusoidal vibration,having an amplitude of .060 in D.A. and the frequency varied linearly between limits of 10 to 2000 to 10 Hz with a maximum force of 20g, s in a period of 1.0 minute. No electrical discontinuites.


  1. Rugged, all metal shell to withstand years of abuse.
  2. Positive shell keying prevents mismating .
  3. Simple, one quater turn coupling. Free rotating, captivated coupling ring for fast assembly. Coupling ring designed to insure proper invironmental sealing with minimum mating forces. Audio and visual indications of positive locked condition.
  4. Avalable in a straight plig and single hole mounting receptacle for easy installation to structure.


  1. Standard crimp tool or semiautomated, high-speed crimping tool available
    Fast, reliable, uniform results.
    Simplified procedures mean that only average skill is required for assembly.
    No soldering heat means: No chance of heat damage to parts. No wicking to contribute to vibration failure.
  2. Inexpensive plastic removal tool designed to eliminate hidden internal insert damage.
    Removal tool designed to break rather than injure connector.
    Dielectric tool construction prevents shock to personnel.

Connector Part Numbering System

HD X 3 6 - 24-21 S N - ****

Series Prefix


none - normal
B - breakaway plug option
N - non environmental option


3 - standard commercial (Bulk packed without contact or accessories)
4 - Kit / individually packed with contacts, sealing plug, mounting hardware and removal tool


4 - Receptacle / jam nut mounting
6 - Plug


Shell size and insert layout


Contact type:
P - Pins
S - Sockets

N - normal position and wire seals
T - thin wall wire seals option

=> Special Modifications:
072 - Threaded adapter
059 - Cable / clamp adapter

Usable Wire Size

Normal Wire Seals

  • No. 4 contacts - receive conductor AWG 6. Rear insert will seal on smooth insulation from .280" to .292" O.D.
  • No. 8 contacts - receive conductor AWG 8 thru 10. Rear insert will seal on smooth insulation from .190" to .240" O.D.
  • No. 12 contacts - receive conductor AWG 12 thru 14. Rear insert will seal on smooth insulation from .134" to .170" O.D.
  • No. 16 contacts - receive conductor AWG 16 thru 18. Rear insert will seal on smooth insulation from .100" to .134" O.D.
  • No. 20 conacts - receive conductor AWG 20 thru 24. Rear insert will seal on smoth insulation from .040" to .095" O.D.

Thin Wall Wire Seals

  • No. 4 contacts - receive conductor AWG 6. Rear insert will seal on smooth insulation from .261" to .292" O. D.
  • No. 8 contact - receive conductor AWG 8 thru 10. Rear insert seal on smooth insulation from .170" to .240" O. D.
  • No. 12 contact - receive conductor AWG 12 thru 14. Rear inserts seal on smooth insulation from .113" to .170" O. D.
  • No. 16 contact - receive conductor AWG 16 thru 18. Rear insert seal on smooth insulation from .088" to .134" O. D.
  • No. 20 contact - receive conductor AWG 20 thru 24. Rear insert seal on smooth insulation from .040" to .095" O. D.

Extra Thin Wire Seals

  • No. 12 contact - receive conductor AWG 12 thru 14. Rear inserts will seal on smooth insulation from .097" to .158" O. D.
  • No. 16 contact - receicve conductor AWG 16 thru 18. Rear inserts will seal on smooth insulation from .053" to .120" O. D.

HD 30 Plug Styles

HDN - Non-Environmental Plug

Designed to interconnect with the HD 34 Series receptacles where protected environments exist.

HDB- Breakaway Plug

Designed to interconnect with the HD 34 Series receptacles and providde an amergency disconnect between farm tractors and implements requiring power connections. HDB - Breakaway Plugs are usually specified with pn contacts and cable clamps ( -059 mod). Minimum force required to emergency disconnect is 50 lbs. Maximum force required is 100 lbs.

Envelope Drawings

HD Series Plug

Shell Size A Max Dia B Max Dia
18 1.692 1.222
24 1.942 1.477

HD 30 Series Receptacle

Shell Size A ± .010 B ± .020 C Max F Thread
18 1.329 1.750 1.625 1 1/2-18 UNEF
24 1.579 2.000 1.875 1 11/16-18 UNEF

Panel Nut And Lockwasher

Part Number Shell Size A Dia ± .030 B Thread
114020-90 18 1.678 1 1/2 18 UNEF-2B
112263-90 24 1.875 1 11/16-18 UNEF -2B
Part Number Shell Size A Dia ± .015 B Dia ± .030 C Ref
114021 18 1.512 1.886 .062
112264 24 1.700 2.074 .062

Installation Mounting / Mating Instruction

Receptacle Mounting

Shell Size D± .005 E +.010 - .000
18 1.442 1.507
24 1.632 1.696

Mating/ Unmating Instruction

To mate the plug and the receptacle, line up the blue line on the plug with the flat surface on the receptacle, turn 1/4 turn clockwise. You will feel and hear the pieces snap into the locked position. To unmate the plug and the receptacle reverce the above procedure.

Caution: When mating or unmating plug and receptacle, také them apart by hand. DO NOT use pliers or any other tool to také them apart.

Contact Arrangements

Contact arrangement

HD 30 Accessories

Cable Clamp


Straight Srain Relief

Size Part No.
18 WHDS-18-1
24 WHDS-24-1

900 Strain Relief

Size Part No.
18 WHDS-18-2
24 WHDS-24-2


& Type
Part No.
Strip Lenght
Sealing Plug
Part No.
4 PIN 0460-204-0490 6 .430-.492 .280-.292 114019
4 SOC 0462-203-04141 6 .430-.492

8 PIN 0460-204-08141 8-10 .430-.492 .190-.240 11418
8 SOC 0462-203-08141 8-10 .430-.492

12 PIN 0460-204-12141 12-14 .222-.284 .134-.170 114017
12 SOC 0462-203-12141 12-14 .222-.284

16 PIN 0460-202-16141 16-18 .250-.312 .100-.134 114017
16 SOC 0462-201-16141 16-18 .250-.312

20 PIN 0460-202-20141 20-24 .156-.218 .040-.095 0413-204-2005
20 SOC 0462-201-20141 20-24 .156-.218

Assembly Instruction

Contact Insertion

Contact Removal


Removal Tools

Normal Wire Seals
Part No. Size Wire Range
114009 4 6
114018 8 8-10
114010 12 12-14
0411-204-1605 16 16-18
0411-240-2005 20 20-24

Contact Termination Tools

Universal Hand Crimp Tool: HDT- 48-00

  • For size 20,16 & 12 contacts. Wire range 24-12 AWG.

  • Strip (6.3mm) 1/4" insulation from wire .
  • Raise selector knob and rotate until arrow is aligned with wire size to be crimped.
  • Loosen lock nut, turn adjusting screw in until it stops.
  • Insert contact, turn adjusting screw counter clockwise out until until contact is flush with indentor cover. Tighted lock nut.
  • Insert wire in contact, contact must be centered between indicators, close handles until handle contacts the stop.
  • Release handles and remove crimped contact.
  • Inspect terminal to insure that all strandds are in crimp barrel.

Note: Tool must be readjusted for each type/size of contact.

"Field Maintenance" Hand Crimp Tools

HDT - 50-00

  • For size 20,16 & 12 contacts. Wire ranges 20-12 AWG.

HDT - 04-08

  • For size 4 & 8 contacts. Wire range 10-6 AWG.

¨Power Crimp Equipment: HDP - 400

& Type
Wire Range DIE
16 PIN
16 SOC
16-18 AWG 414DA-16N 4301-16S
20 PIN
20 SOC
20-23 AWG 414DA- 20N 4301- 20S
12 PIN
12 SOC
12-14 AWG 414DA-12N 4301-12S
8-10 AWG 414DA-8N 4301-8S
6 AWG 414DA-4S 4301-4S

Automatic Crimp Equipment

  1. HD 16- P/S accommodates size 16 contacts
  2. HD 12- P/S accommodates size 12 contacts
  3. HD 12-16 P/S accommodates size 16 & 12 contacts

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