AS Series

Developed by Deutsch from the MIL-C-38999 Series 1.5 (Eurofighter connector), the Deutsch AS Series is a range of medium and high density circular connectors designed to meet the stringent requirements of the autosport industry. Foremost of these requirements are enhanced performance with both weight and space savings. Available in a huge range with a wide variety of options, the AS Series features high density arrangements up to 128 ways with four shell styles, and five keyway orientations.


  • High density arrangements up to 128 ways
  • Contact sizes 16 (20 Amp) 20 (7.5 Amp) and 22 (5Amp)
  • Positive locking coupling mechanism
  • Conductive black zinc finish
  • Interfacial and wire sealing
  • 100% scoop-proof interface with RFI grounding fingers
  • Integral screen termination/boot location
  • In-line and two hole mounting styles
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67
  • Filter, Hermetic and Fibre Optic options available
  • PCB options as standard
  • Standard Gold-plated crimp contacts
  • 5 keyway orientations, indicated by different colour bands
  • Universal orientation for test equipment


  • Standardised product range
  • Weight, space and cost savings compared to existing aerospace type connectors No need for backshells
  • Screening braid and strain relief boot can both be fitted
  • Scoop-proof interconnection where space envelope would previously have dictated the use of non scoop proof connectors
  • High quality plating enhances durability and appearance of connector
  • Intermateable with existing LN29729 (Mil-C-38999 Series 11/2) and Pan 6433-2 style connectors
  • Uses standard Aerospace crimp tooling
  • Visual indication of keyway orientation of connector
  • Purpose designed coupling/decoupling tools

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