AS Mini 

Developed by Deutsch from the success of the standard AS and the AS Micro HE Series, the new Mini bridges the gap between the existing Standard Series (Size 8) and the Micro (Size 6) offering a 6-way and 3-way connector with 3 shell styles.

This connector has been developed to meet the demanding environment of the motorsport industry. Deutsch’s dedicated Autosport Division is on hand to help specify individual customer requirements.


  • Compact design
  • Cable accommodation – 20, 22, 24 & 26 AWG (See insert arrangements)
  • Positive locking coupling mechanism
  • Conductive black zinc finish
  • Interfacial and wire sealing
  • Shell to shell grounding
  • Integral screen/boot termination feature
  • In-line and two hole mounting styles
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Gold-plated crimp contacts
  • 3 Keyway orientations


  • Compact design – Minimum space envelope
  • No need for backshells
  • Cost effective
  • Screening braid and boot can both be fitted
  • High quality plating enhances durability and appearance of connector
  • Visual indication of keyway orientation of connector
  • Uses standard crimp tooling
  • Suitable for blind mating

Standard Specification

Standard Connector
Supplied complete with crimp contacts and insert/extraction tools

Shell/Coupling ring: Aluminium alloy. Black Zinc finish
Contacts: Copper alloy. Gold plated
Insulators: Thermoplastic
Interface/Wire seals: Fluorinated silicone

Wire Sealing
Connector rear sealing grommets are designed to seal on wires
having overall insulation diameters within the following range:

Contact Size 22 20
Min (mm) 0.76 1.02
Max (mm) 1.37 2.11

Dielectric Withstand Voltage
This is dependent on the spacing of the contacts within the insert layout.
See insert arrangements.

Contact Rating and Wire Acceptance

Contact Size 22 20
Current Rating 5 Amps 7.5 Amps
Conductor Diameter 0.4mm2 max 0.6mm2 max

Temperature Rating –55°C to +175°C*
*The upper limit is the maximum internal hot-spot
temperature resulting from the combination of ambient
temperature and heating due to current.

Insert Arrangements

AS Mini Series: Contacts, Tooling & Filler Plugs

Shell Size Part Numbers
Socket Pin Filler Plug Ins/Ext Tool Crimp Tool Pin Positioner SKT Positioner
22 604887-22 38941-22 600300-22 M81969/14-01 M22520/2-01 M22520/2-09 M22520/2-07
20 604887-20 38941-20 600300-20 M81969/14-10 M22520/2-01 M22520/2-10 M22520/2-10

How to Order

Quote the AS reference, followed by the style, shell size, contact arrangement, insert style and shell keyway option, e.g. AS007-35PN

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