AS MicroLite HE

Deutsch UK are continually assessing the requirements of the ever demanding world of motorsport, where weight and size are ever critical. Although the current Micro HE set a new industry standard some four years ago, due to innovative design with leading-edge materials, Deutsch UK have introduced the AS Microlite HE, which sets a new standard for both space envelope and weight for an all aluminium connector. The new As Microlite HE is in excess of 30% lighter than the original AS Micro HE and approximately 8mm shorter, whilst still retaining all the critical features of the As Micro HE including the renowned Deutsch #23 contacts, and remaining fully intermateable with the original Micro HE.


  • Ultra Compact design
  • Cable accommodation – 22, 24, 26 & 28 AWG
  • Positive locking coupling mechanism n Conductive black zinc finish
  • Interfacial and wire sealing
  • Scoop-proof interface with shell to shell grounding
  • Boot termination feature
  • In-line and two hole mounting styles
  • Environmentally sealed to IP67
  • Gold-plated crimp contacts
  • 6 Keyway orientations
  • Fully intermateable with Micro HE
  • PCB option as standard – 2 variants, contact Sales Office for specifications


  • Minimum space envelope
  • Coupling ring "Outside Diameter" reduced by 1mm
  • Flange Footprint reduced by 0.25mm around the perimeter
  • 7.8mm shorter than Micro HE (mated pair).
  • No need for backshells for boot termination
  • High quality plating enhances durability and appearance of connector
  • Visual indication of Keyway orientation of connector
  • Uses standard crimp tooling
  • Suitable for blind mating

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